"Jan Carley is the Sweet Adeline Whisperer"
- Lisa Greenough, SAI Webcaster 2012

Since 2007, Jan Carley, Inner Coach of Barbershop, has transformed the experiences of thousands of barbershoppers globally. Jan's Inner Coaching programs open up powerful possibilities for groups and individuals and help create a joyous, high-functioning group culture and positive performance impact. Exploring the benefits of mental mastery while working toward musical and visual mastery creates a true "triple threat" performance experience for barbershoppers.

Jan's first big success as the Inner Coach of Barbershop was in 2007 with the Lions Gate Chorus, a 120-voiced Sweet Adeline International chorus based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Ranked 12th in the world, they embarked on a holistic inner coaching program before the International chorus competition, and by working with Jan to develop mindset mastery over a period of several months, they transformed their thinking, belief and confidence levels. The chorus' high-octane grounded energy created an unforgettable onstage performance that had audience and judges alike screaming with approval, and vaulted them up in the rankings to emerge as the new 3rd place International Bronze Medalists.

Since that time, Jan has expanded the breadth of her Inner coaching programs and has successfully coached choruses of different sizes and levels, run powerful musical and management leadership retreats, transformed directors with individual one-on-one coaching through her innovative "Coach on Call" program and enrolled thousands in personal programs of individual mastery.

She first captured her experiential work with barbershoppers in her popular book, Harmony from the Inside Out, which takes her inner coaching principles and expands them for easy application to one's personal and professional lives. Her new book, The Overtone Effect, creates a step-by-step system for personal, leadership and organizational change.

"Jan does a great job of taking the 'Inner Game of Music' theory and blending it with other behavioral and psychological theories to come up with a unique perspective on realizing your full potential. Highly recommended." - Kevin Keller, Past Chairman, Barbershop Harmony Society Contest and Judging Committee.

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