"Lots of coaches work with groups and individuals, but the extra gift that Jan brings to the table is that she is a barbershopper. She internally KNOWS the art form, its needs and its challenges, and then intuitively reaches into her amazing toolbox for just the right thing to say and do at just the right time. She's amazing."- Carol Swanson, Pride of Portland Chorus

Known as the Inner Coach of Barbershop, Jan is a passionate believer in the power of positivity and possibility. An avid barbershopper, singing lead with the championship Lions Gate Chorus since 1994, and Fandango Quartet since 1999, Jan uses an Appreciative Approach to inspire barbershoppers to leverage their strengths, build on their successes and access their 'inside edge' as they continue to hone their mastery of technical skills.

"I am inspired and astounded by the dramatic and immediate positive outcomes that this inner coaching brings. Directors, leadership teams, and entire chorus cultures are consistently transformed as this inner work is embraced." - Jan Carley

Jan is now the author of two popular books, Harmony from the Inside Out and The Overtone Effect, which detail the inner coaching principles she has tested on thousands of barbershoppers, and then expands upon them to create lasting change for individuals and groups both on and off stage.

Jan is a professional certified executive coach credentialed with the International Coach Federation and brings over 25 years of experience working in the performing arts to her coaching approach. Her creative thinking and sense of humour, combined with her barbershop expertise, provide a winning combination that inspires paradigm shifts for leaders and sustainable positive chorus culture change.

Contact Jan to learn how you can maximize your performance potential and create an enduring group culture of joy, possibility and inspired excellence.

Email: jan@innercoachofbarbershop.com
(604) 873-1763