Inner Coaching programs for choruses are customized to meet the unique needs of each chorus. Chorus sessions focus on the themes and principles that will create a chorus culture based on the Appreciative Approach, which helps create the best environment for learning, growth, joy and possibility, and leverages peak performance potential.

"Rehearsals are more productive, improvement is more permanent, and all of it happens in an atmosphere of mutual support, respect and FUN!
- Bobbette Gantz, Master Director, Channelaire Chorus(retired)

Chorus sessions are customized and take chorus members through a series of experiential exercises that move them through many of the inner coaching concepts such as the power of intention, focus, eliminating limiting beliefs, connecting energy, elimination of the interferences that act as a barrier to peak performance, chorus unity and core beliefs, silencing of the inner critic, the power of acknowledgment and more. More comprehensive weekend retreats can include deeper visioning, team-building and possibility-creation activities.


Jan's Inner Coaching work with quartets is fully customized based on the needs of each quartet which are established in a preliminary meeting or conference call. Jan works from the inside out to help create and support an enhanced mental and emotional quartet unit with a shared goal of achieving their highest level of excellence while being present in a joyful shared experience.

"Our sessions with Jan were amazing. Her approach to dealing with stress and the pressure of competing in a quartet helped us focus on connecting with the audience and telling the story. She helped us identify our strengths and take credit for what we all bring to the table. We are very proud of our 3rd place Regional finish and because of Jan we are confident that we have the tools we need to move forward."  - Right Now Quartet, 2013 Region 26 3rd place medalists

"Simply put, we're 'Over the Moon' about Jan Carley. Jan was our 'inner' coach on our ramp up to Regional 2010 and she was every bit as important to us as our wonderful vocal coaches. She helped us to set goals - both individually and as a quartet - and stick to them. But more than that, she helped us to 'believe'!"  - Over the Moon Quartet, 2010 Region 26 Quartet Champions

Contact Jan for information about her coaching packages for choruses or quartets:

(604) 873-1763