"The best expense I and our management team ever approved" - Kathy Earley, Coastline Show Chorus

Jan's "Coach on Call" program provides one-on-one coaching support for directors and is the transformational foundation of the inner coaching process. The purpose behind the individual coaching is to provide the support to help place the chorus director, as the primary person inspiring the chorus' success, in a personal position of strength, balance and positive leadership. Individual telephone coaching sessions help the director clarify and focus their work, leverage their strengths, identify barriers to success and provide the support needed for them to embrace and implement positive new possibilities. One-on-one coaching will significantly impact the director's approach and effectiveness as a leader and also create powerful personal change in their life outside rehearsal. 

"A large part of our success as a chorus was the inspiration and direction I received from Jan's coaching. Speaking to her on chorus rehearsal days really got my mind focused on the task at hand, and helped me to create an atmosphere at rehearsals that allowed the singers to bring all of themselves as individuals to the rehearsal. I was able to put more of my skills to work, and the entire chorus benefited from my sessions with Jan." - Becki  Hine, Master 700 Director, Song of Atlanta Chorus

"Jan has been enlightening, thought-provoking and encouraging to me, personally. As a director, she has had an incredible positive effect on my ability to be truly authentic and in the moment."
Vicki Maybury, Master 700 Director, Skyline Chorus

"Jan coached me on how I could bring my best leadership to rehearsal each week, and how I could most effectively inspire the chorus to achieve their own personal best performance on the risers. I was shocked and amazed at the results!" - Sandy Marron, Master 700 Director, Lions Gate Chorus

"Every chorus has its ups and downs, and chorus directors have to be really good at surfing those waves and keeping their balance through it all. I found Jan at a time when my director's surfboard had just been swamped, and she helped me regain a new sense of balance and love for the sport. I asked her to help me light new pathways for myself as a director, and in the process she has helped me find new pathways for my life." - Julie Starr, Master Director, Bay Area Showcase Chorus

Contact Jan for details about her "COACH ON CALL" coaching packages for directors:
(604) 873-1763