The Music and Management Leadership Teams are critical to the inner coaching process as they are the ones who are supporting and implementing the chorus vision and the work of the director. Not only are the leadership teams responsible for modeling the behaviors that the chorus will follow, they are also responsible for ensuring that the best possible atmosphere exists for the director and the musical product to go forward unimpeded. The leadership has a huge potential impact and it is essential that everyone in a leadership role has the knowledge and skills and feels confidently empowered to inspire a consistent and positive chorus culture of excellence.

"I would highly recommend Jan to any chorus that is wishing to improve in any area of performing, connecting, changing or enhancing the chorus culture, training leadership and more. It is definitely money well spent!" — Becki Hine, Master 700 Director, Song of Atlanta Chorus

Leadership Team sessions work from the inside out to address the core values that make the team function. Team sessions are customized depending on the needs of each individual chorus with goals of unifying approach, establishing high-functioning team cultures, cohering teams around a common vision, clarifying communication styles, reframing limiting beliefs, eliminating barriers to success and creating conditions for a chorus culture of joy and excellence. Support or companion workshop activities can involve visioning, goal setting, or leadership development.

Transformational work with the Leadership Teams can be done through evening workshops, comprehensive weekend retreats, group conference calls or Skype sessions.

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